Monday, March 28, 2011

Pittsburgh Feis

Banner ( Sash ) Day!
 GC Dancers crossed the border to compete in The Pittsburgh Feis
March 26th/27th.

Madeleine Follis U18 - 5th Place
Camille Slaght U16 - 2nd Place
Madeline Cameron U14 - 3rd Place
Lee Tanner U14 - 6th Place
Leiden McMurray - 6th Place ( congrats on your slip jig)

1st for Katherine

       Katherine Follis U15 - 1st Place - Way to go!
       Nicole Finch U16 - 4th Place
       Olivia Lee Ramundi U13 - 6th Place
       Victoria Preston Walker U13 - 10th Place

U18 - Madeleine places 5th

Heading Home!

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