Sunday, August 14, 2011

Niagara Falls, New York Feis -August 13th, 2011

Niagara Falls, NY FEIS- August 13th, 2011

Mad-Cam Places 9th - U14 OC

Irish Hamster/Dancer

Benet & Victoria
PC U13 - Victoria 3rd & Olivia -Lee 4th
Drink Umbrellas.....the next CRAZE!!!
Benet & Steph review the scores....Steph places 4th - PC U15
Hangin' with The Blues Brothers!!

U14 OC - Madeline 9th & Leiden 10th
Ealish & Sam


Leiden - 10th U14 OC
Madeline C - 9th -U14 OC
Benet -9th -U12 OC
Ealish -2nd LJ
Sam -2nd R, 1st St. Pat's, 2nd HP, 3rd in TJ
Olivia Lee - 4th PC U13
Victoria PW - 3rd PC U13
Eileen -4th R, 4th HP
Spencer -1st R, 3rd TJ, 5th HP
Sarah - 4th U18 OC
Stephanie - 4th PC U15
Aine - 2nd Set
Olivia U - 2nd PC 18+, 5th Set

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