Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Winter Feis - January 28th, 2012

Are you Ready?  Feis Season is Officially OPEN!!  

Winter Feis - Markham Fairgrounds!

Photo Credit: Caitlin Oswald

Amanda & Siobhan wait side-stage 
Photo: Caitlin Oswald

Maggie, Leiden, & Madeline 
Photo: Caitlin Oswald

The Ramsays
Photo: Caitlin Oswald

Ealish adds to her Hardware!
Photo: Caitlin Oswald

2nd for Katey PC16
Photo: Caitlin Oswald

1st for Olivia & 2nd for Nicole

Welcome to Open Champ!

PC 16 

Katey, Stephanie & Sam
Nice Spray Tan!

Katey-2nd PC16, 1st Set
Olivia U - 1st PC99
Nicole -2nd PC99, 4th Set
Leiden -5th C16
Ailish -6th C16
Ruba -3rd TJ
Ealish -2nd HP,1st R, 2nd SJ, 2nd TJ
Eileen - 1st SJ, 2nd Set, 1st HP, 3rd TJ
Madison- 2nd HP, 3rd R, 2nd SJ, 2nd TJ
Victoria PW -6th Set, 7th PC14
Amanda - 1st HP, 3rd Set, 3rd R, 4th SJ, 2nd TJ
Camille -2nd C18
Siobhan -4th LJ
Spencer -2nd R, 4th HP
Emma -4th HP, 2nd R, 5th SJ, 5th TJ
Shannan -6th PC18
Stephanie -4th Set, 11th PC16
Saryna -4th TJ

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