Thursday, March 1, 2012

Brooklyn Road Trip & Feis

 Brooklyn Feis - February 2012

Gil-Can Dancers cross The Brooklyn Bridge
Blog Photo Contest Winner: Andrea Cameron
Elise , Leiden & Olivia
Carlo's Bakery
Olivia's Favorite "Cake Boss"
Olivia & Keira
St. Patrick's 
Chloe & Madeline take in the sights!
Chloe 9th, Olivia -Lee 1st, Victoria 10th -PC14
Elise places PC16
Champ 15
Ailish 9th, Leiden 6th, Madeline 8th


Madeleine F -3rd 
Lee - 4th C15
Ailish -9th C15
Leiden -6th C15
Madeline -8th C15
Olivia Lee - 1st -PC14
Chloe -9th -PC14
Victoria -PC14
Camille -2nd C17
Elise -Place PC16
Amanda -1st, 2nd, 3rd, 3rd

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