Friday, June 15, 2012

Spotlight on National Dancers 2012

National Championship Dancers 2012

Madeleine Follis
1. Dancer: Madeleine Follis

2. Competition: Ladies U19

3. Proudest Accomplishment: Top ten in North America

4. Can't live without....: Skype

5. Hard Shoe OR Soft Shoe?: Hard Shoe

6. Celebrity Crush: Channing Tatum

7. Inspiration: My dance teachers

8. Song: 'I Wanna Dance with Somebody" - Whitney Houston

9. Movie: Sound of Music

10. Perfect Feis Snack: Twizzlers, Chips and Chocolate. Its always Halloween candy in Camp Follis

11. Wig, Bun OR None?: Prefer bun wigs, but wear a full wig

12. Favorite Set: Drunken Gaudger

13. My Wish: Top five at Nationals 

Madeline Cameron
1. Dancer: Madeline Cameron

2. Competition: under 15

3. Proudest Accomplishment: qualifying for worlds at the oireachtas (7th)
4. Can't live dance shoes :p

5. Hard Shoe OR Soft Shoe? Soft shoe

6. Celebrity Crush: I have 5... one direction:)

7. Inspiration: Playing music and watching amazing dancers:)

8. Song: kiss me by Ed Sheeran

9. Movie: tuck everlasting or jig

10. Perfect Feis Snack: Gatorade and blueberry muffin

11. Wig, Bun OR None? Wig

12. Favorite Set: The vanishing lake

13. My Wish: to get top 10 at nationals

Patricia Gilchrist
1. Dancer: Teacher ~  Patricia

2. Competition: All of them

3. Proudest Accomplishment: My two kids

4. Can't live without…. Starbucks Chai Lattes

5. Hard Shoe OR Soft Shoe? Soft to dance but a great hard shoe set  to watch

6. Celebrity Crush: John Stamos

7. Inspiration: My husband, my kids, my friends  and my dancers

8. Song: Soooo many I love but not one fave! Don't you forget about me by Simple Minds is one I've always liked but I'm all over the map

9. Movie: Again not really one fave.  Shawshank Redemption, Loved Gone with the Wind for years, Sixth Sense, Silence of the Lambs, Parenthood to name a few

10. Perfect Feis Snack: Chai Latte :)

11. Wig, Bun OR None? None

12. Favorite Set: Kilkenny Races, Rambling Rake, Humors of Bandon

13. My Wish: That all our dancers have a personal best performance and result at this year's Nan's!

Katey Spence

1. Dancer: Katey Spence
2. Competition: U15
3. Proudest Accomplishment: Top 20 at the O
4. Cant live without... Delphine!! And air and water... but mostly Delphine.
5. Hard Shoe or Soft Shoe? Hard Shoe
6. Celebrity Crush: Chester See
7. Inspiration: Dance Teachers!!! :)
8. Song: Nice Guys Ryan Higa and anything by Marianas Trench
9. Movie: PAUL and Scott Pilgrim vs. the world
10. Perfect Feis Snack: Anything tasty :P I eat everything.
11. Wig, bun or none?: None.
12. Favourite Set: Planxty Drury
13. My Wish: Recall at Nationals

Benet Avery

1. Dancer: Benet Avery

 2. Competition: Girls U12

 3. Proudest Accomplishment: 10th at NANs and placing top 3 at my city champions in my schools track meet

 4. Can't live without.... Ice cream and my pets

 5. Hard Shoe OR Soft Shoe: No preferance

 6. Celebrity Crush: Spongebob

 7. Inspiration: Getting a sash!!! ( wooo hooo )

 8. Song: Whoa is me and fire in your new shoes

 9. Movie: Despicable Me and The Hunger Games

 10. Perfect Feis Snack: Curly Wurlys

 11. Wig, Bun OR None? Definitely NONE worst part of the morning at competitions

 12. Favorite Set: the hunt

 13. My Wish: Getting 1st and the ``O``

Katherine Follis
1.Dancer: Katherine Follis

2. Competition: Girls U16
3. Proudest Accomplishment: Qualifiying for Nans
4. Can't live without....  Music
5. Hard Shoe OR Soft Shoe? Soft Shoe
6. Celebrity Crush: Liam Payne
7. Inspiration: My big sister
8. Song: All-American Girl ~ Carrie Underwood 
9. Movie: Titanic
10. Perfect Feis Snack: Twizzlers
11. Wig, Bun OR None? Wig
12. Favorite Set: The White Blanket
13. My Wish:  To dance my best and to not let myself down in any way.

Leiden McMurray
1. Dancer: Leiden McMurray

2. Competition: Girls Under 15

3. Proudest Accomplishment:  First in OC last weekend

4. Can't live phone

5. Hard Shoe OR Soft Shoe? Hard Shoe

6. Celebrity Crush: Zac Efron

7. Inspiration: the uphill battle to get where I am today

8. Song:  The Fighter by Gym Class Heroes

9. Movie:  Ferris Bueller's Day Off

10. Perfect Feis Snack:  Cucumbers & Mangoes

11. Wig, Bun OR None?  none

12. Favorite Set:  Downfall of Paris (slow)

13. My Wish:  for people to know my name
Maggie Wilkins
1. Dancer: Maggie Wilkins 
2. Competition:Over 21 Senior Ladies A ( the oldest section ;) ) 
3. Proudest Accomplishment: Qualifying for 2012 World Championships in Belfast 
4. Can't live without.... Coffee and Dance
5. Hard Shoe OR Soft Shoe? Soft Shoe or a really good short set of Hard Shoe
6. Celebrity Crush: Ryan Gosling and/or Clive Owen 
7. Inspiration: My mom, for never letting anything get in her way. She knows what she wants and goes and gets it.
8. Song: My Body - Young the Giant
9. Movie: Moulin Rouge
10. Perfect Feis Snack: Cheese and Chip Sandwiches were a staple at any feis when I was growing up
11. Wig, Bun OR None? Bun
12. Favorite Set: Rambling Rake speed 76 or Lodge Road 76
13. My Wish: That one day I will inspire and drive my students as much as my teachers have for me. I've been truly blessed to have a great team behind all my success and look forward to being on a team for my dancers one day.

Olivia Upshur
Dancer: Olivia Upshur
Competition: Senior Ladies Group B 
Proudest accomplishment: Coming back to dance after 3 years off with an injury,  compeeting and placing 11th at the Oireachtas
Can't live without : Dance, baking, and my phone 
Hard or soft shoe: soft shoe
Celebrity crush: Liam Hemsworth 
Inspiration: My family, friends and teaches who have supported and pushed me (despite my resistance sometimes) to become the dancer I am today. Also the drive to be the best dancer possible, it has pushed me to try harder and work my butt off
Song: stay by Miley Cyrus 
Movie:  The jungle book 
Perfect feis snack: apples, pineapple, oranges and purple gatorade
Wig, bun or none: wig
Fav set: King of the Fairies, Planxty Davis
My wish: To become the best dancer I can possibly be and achieve the highest placements possible. 

Nicole Finch

  •     1. Dancer: Nicole Finch

    2. Competition: Girls U17

    3. Proudest Accomplishment: Recall at my first Nationals!

    4. Can't live without....: my blackberry 

    5. Hard Shoe OR Soft Shoe?: Soft Shoe to dance, hardshoe to watch 

    6. Celebrity Crush: Leonardo Dicaprio

    7. Inspiration: Bernadette Flynn 

    8. Song: the way you make me feel - michael jackson 

    9. Movie: Dirty Dancing 

    10. Perfect Feis Snack: almonds and yogurt covered pretzels

    11. Wig, Bun OR None?: wearing a bun wig for the first time at nationals  

    12. Favorite Set: The Downfall of Paris

    13. My Wish: Recall again this year at

    Camille Slaght

    Camille Slaght

    Competition: U17

    Proudest accomplishment: 2nd place at the Oireachtas

    Can’t live without: music, art, dance

    Hard shoe or soft shoe: soft shoe

    Celebrity crush: Liam Hemsworth, Ashton Kutcher

    Inspiration: Nature; Rivers, lakes & oceans

    Favorite song: Towers by Bon Iver, If I had a boat by James Vincent McMorrow, The Cave by Mumford and Sons

    Favorite movies: Ray, Catch me if u Can, Invictus, Inception

    Perfect feis snack: Mentos, grapes & pasta salad

    Wig Bun or None: Bun

    Favorite set: King of the Fairies, Downfall of Paris

    My wish: top ten at Nationals, recall at Worlds

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