Sunday, October 2, 2011

Newmarket Feis - Oct 1st, 2011

PC 15 Welcomes Jasmine to her First Prelim Comp!!  Jasmine wins 1st!

PC14 - Sam 6th & Katey 7th

Team Building
1st for Eileen PW Reel .....Now looking for Sponsorship from Coca-Cola
PC 16 - Gil-Can Rocks this Comp!!
Stephanie & A Very Happy Jasmine!!
C 14 - Lee 4th & Madeline 6th
Matthew Kicks Up & Off His Heel!!! Sash for Katherine!!
Tennyson's #1
Dance Out Crew....What a Long Day!
Jasmine 1st PC16 -Perpetual Trophy -Chris Bhur Memorial Trophy
Ealish -1st SJ!!, 3rd R, 2nd Set, 3rd HP
Leah -4th SJ
Victoria P - 4th R
Madison -1st Set, 3rd HP, 1st TJ
Eileen - 1st R, 4th TJ, 3rd, Set, 3rd HP, 3rd SJ
Spencer - 2nd Trophy Reel, 4th HP, 3rd R, 4th
Ruba - 2nd SJ, 3rd TJ, 4th R
Chloe - 7th Set
Olivia Lee - 4th PC13
Victoria PW -7th PC13
Samantha -6th PC14 ( 1st Prelim Comp), 5th Set
Katey -7th PC14, 2nd Set
Katherine -3rd PC16
Rielle- 5th PC16
Stephanie - 8th PC16, 6th Set
Olivia -5th PC99, 3rd Set
Shannan -6th PC99
Lee- 4th C14
Madeline C -6th C14
Sarah -5th C18

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  1. GILCAN ROCKS!!!! Great job Jasmine!!! Congratulations to all the dancers!!! Wish we were there to be part of the excitement!