Sunday, October 23, 2011

Roseland Feis - October 22, 2011

Madison's NEW DRESS and a BUNCH of 1st's

Ramsay Twins

Maggie catches ZZZZ's while she waits for her Comp!
5th for Camille
Team Captain
Finishing Touches
1/4 of PC16 = Gil-Can
Glamour Girlz

2nd for Olivia-Lee
Amanda's First Trophy!!!

5th for Madeleine - Photo by : J. Follis ( just offense....I have a rep to protect..ha ha)


Leah Ramsay -3rd HP, 4th LJ, 1st SJ, 3rd TJ
Saryna Ramsay - 6th R, 2nd SJ
Siobhan - 4th set, 5th HP, 5th LJ, 4th TJ
Madison - 1st Set, 1st Hp, 1st TJ, 1st R
Amanda - 1st set, 4th HP, 5th LJ, 4th TJ
Jacinta - 3rd R, 3rd SJ
Victoria P - 6th SJ
Eileen -2nd SJ, 2nd set, 4th HP, 4th R
Emma -2nd set, 5th R
Ealish -3rd set, 2nd SJ, 3rd TJ
Spencer - 1st HP, 5th R
Ruba -2nd HP, 3rd R, 3rd SJ, 3 TJ
Sam - 13th PC14A, 6th set
Katey - 7th set
Nicole - 6th PC16, 5th set
Katherine - 13th PC16, 6th set
Aine -8th set
Stephanie - 9th PC16, 10th set
Elise - 3rd PC16, 12th set
Olivia Lee - 2nd PC14B
Rielle -10th PC16
Olivia U - 9th PC99
Shannan -5th PC99
Camille -5th C16A
Lee - 3rd C14A
Madeline - 5th C14A
Leiden -8th C14A
Madeleine -5th C18
Sarah- 7th C18
Chelsea -9th C18
Figures 15-4 -1st, 2nd, & 3rd
Figures 99-4 - 1st
Figures 15-8 -2nd & 3rd

(missing a few results???.....please send to Michelle Quance)


  1. WOW what a fabulous day for GilCan!!!!!! GilCan rocks!!!! Congratulations to all the winners! Can't wait to go to the "O". How exciting!

  2. Great photos! I'd love to share these with our Irish dance fans on and in our coverage of the ECRO! Please email me at Thanks and congratulations GilCan!