Monday, September 10, 2012

June Butler Feis / Celtic Festival /Stout Dance -Out

June Butler Feis - September 2012

Eileen( 1st PC Comp) & Ealish
Check out The New Dresses!!

Amanda & Siobhan
Caitlin & Madeleine 
Waiting on Results
Olivia Lee


Leiden & Elise

Katherine pops by for a visit!!  We miss you!

  Photo Credits : AM Olczak

Leiden - 2nd OC16
Madeline - 6th OC16
Spencer -7th PC13
Olivia Lee - 4th PC14
Victoria PW - 7th PC14, 4th Set
Eileen - 7th Set, 13 PC 16
Stephanie - 5th Set
Amanda - 3rd SJ, 1st HP, 4th TJ
Siobhan - 1st TJ, 2nd HP

Celtic Festival

Stout Dance -Out

Photo Credits: The Pattersons

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