Saturday, September 1, 2012

Oakville Feis 2012

Oakville Feis 2012

Congrats to Ealish Davies & Spencer McMurray - 1st PC Competition
Congrats to Elise Bishop - 1st OC Competition

Benet, Leiden, Ealish, Elise, Madeline, Stephanie, Camille, Aine, Chloe

3rd for Benet!!!
3rd for Camille !!!
8th for Stephanie!

 Madeline- 2nd- OC15
Chloe - 6th -PC14
Victoria PW - 9th - PC14
Olivia Lee - 12th - PC14
Camille - 3rd - OC17
Benet - 3rd -OC12
Stephanie -8th PC16 , 4th Set

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