Monday, January 31, 2011

Spotlight on World & National Qualifiers - Benet Avery

Benet Avery U11

My name is Benet Avery and I am 10 years old. I started my dancing  career early as a ballerina. In ballet my need for speed and lack of grace always put me at risk of not receiving a sticker at the end of class . Although my mom says I looked sweet in a tutu it was time to move on to something more physical...... Irish dance. I have been dancing since I was 5 and I feel it in my blood.
My hopes and dreams... I am on a quest to get as many sashes as possible !!!  Also, I often look at the trophies from the O and it is my hope to have my name on the same trophy as one of my teaches. That would feel special.
What I have done....I have gone to the O three times. Placing - 1st time- 20th place, 2nd time-6th place, 3rd time-5th place.
 I have gone to the Nationals twice. My first time I placed 98th and the second time I placed 19th.
 I will compete in Dublin at The World Championship in 2011. I hope to do my teachers and school proud.

Why I love irish Dance......I have met alot of great friends. I get so excited when we travel to compete (I want more sashes).

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