Sunday, January 30, 2011

Spotlight on World & National Qualifiers - Camille Slaght

Camille Slaght U15

I started dancing when I was 9 years old, after seeing Olivia Hynes perform at my elementary school talent show. The buckles of her hard shoes caught my eye, and I was in love. I am now 15, and dance has become a huge part of me. Just over a year ago, I transferred to Gilchrist-Canavan, one of the hardest, but best choices that I have ever made. I have met some of the most inspiring and talented people here; their presence alone is encouraging. Dance remains something that I can always count on, my rock. It keeps me going, and no matter how hard it gets, injury after injury, the thrill and satisfaction that I get when I dance makes it all worth it.

I have competed at 5 Eastern Canadian Championships, and 3 North American Nationals. At this year’s Eastern Canadian Oireachtas, I came 2nd, a goal I could never have dreamed of reaching. I will be attending the World Championships in DublinIreland in April, with the only goal of making it through my hip injury in order to dance my best on the day of the competition. As for the North American Nationals in July, a recall would mean the world to me. In the meantime, I have to manage my injuries, take care of myself, and stick with the Gil-Can family.   

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